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About the Bakery: 

What kind of bakery is Annie & Em’s Bakeshop? 

Annie & Em’s Bakeshop is an 100% dedicated gluten-free bakery. Founded by two sisters who grew up in New Jersey, with a serious sweet tooth and a big dream, the brand's mission is to always provide premium gluten-free creations that never compromise on taste or quality. In addition to all of our products always being gluten-free, a selection of vegan and dairy-free items are featured as well.

Is Annie & Em’s Bakeshop still open? 

As of Monday, June 19, 2023, Annie & Em’s Bakeshop will be operating under a new model that focuses solely on our Pre-Ordering, Catering, Custom Celebration Cake, Shipping and Wholesale offerings. 

In other words, Annie & Em’s Bakeshop is still very much open. We have just shifted our business model away from retail, in order to focus on other areas of our business. We will still have our bakeshop located at 155 Third Street in Hoboken, NJ. 

Why do you no longer have retail hours? 

The Annie & Em’s team has recently made the decision to shift the business based off the needs we are seeing from the community. With the removal of retail hours, this allows our team to put a greater focus on other areas of our business. Our vision is that with this shift, we will be giving our customers more ways to access our goodies, more often and with greater ease.

Can I still walk-in and buy baked goods at the storefront in Hoboken?

No, starting on Monday, June 19, 2023 Annie & Em's Bakeshop will no longer offer retail hours for walk-in customers. All orders must be placed online via our Pre-Ordering & Catering platform ahead of time, and can be picked-up during the designated timeslot window.

If I don’t want to pre-order a larger quantity of any given item, can I still buy GF products made by the Annie & Em’s Bakeshop team?

YES! You will just need to pre-order them through our online ordering system.

Additionally, Annie & Em’s Bakeshop’s sweet and savory products are available in our current retail partner stores.

Where can I find Annie & Em's products in the Hoboken area?

Our current retail partners include: Alessio’s and The Hive 

Is Annie & Em's Bakeshop a dedicated gluten-free facility

YES! Annie & Em’s Bakeshop is an 100% dedicated gluten-free facility! 

Does Annie & Em’s Bakeshop offer dairy-free or vegan products? 

YES! We offer a variety of dairy-free and vegan options, including cakes, cupcakes, cookies, breads, bars, etc. 

Is the bakery a peanut-free, nut-free or sesame-free facility?

No, while we do offer various nut-free items, they are made on shared equipment that also processes tree nuts, peanuts and sesame.

How to Purchase Products: 

How can I contact the bakery?

We can be reached via phone at (201) 345-2773 or feel free to shoot us a note at

How do I place an order? 

Orders can be placed using our online ordering menu

For shipping orders, please send us an email at (please include shipping address and desired package arrival date).

Please note, orders placed online or any special requests submitted (design, allergen alterations, etc.) are NOT confirmed until you receive a response back directly from the Annie & Em's team. 

How far ahead do I need to place an order? 

We require 72 hours notice for some products on our menu, including custom cakes. However, the majority of our products only require 48 hours notice, including breakfast breads, cupcakes, donuts, smaller cookie quantities, etc.

The amount of time required to place an order in advance for that specific product can be found on our online ordering platform

Where do I pick my order up?

All orders placed online for pick-up can be collected at our storefront in Hoboken, NJ located at 155 Third Street (entrance between Bloomfield & Garden Streets). Orders will be available for pick-up during the designated window in your confirmation form.

Do you offer delivery for orders?

We offer delivery on larger custom orders (cakes, platters, etc.) within Hudson County. There is a delivery fee of $7.00-$10.00 depending on specific address location.

What is your cancellation policy for orders placed online?

We require payment in full ahead of the order pick-up day. However, we do offer a full refund on any order that is cancelled at least seven (7) days prior to the designated pick-up day. 

Do you accept gift cards?

YES! Annie & Em's Bakeshop physical gift cards and egift cards can be used on any order placed with the bakery.

Do you make custom celebration cakes? 

YES! Please place all custom celebration cake orders online through our online ordering platform.